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Never Gonna Get It

What I find magnificent about Ru Johnson is that her strength as a business leader is enhanced by her zest for living a full-on life.

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We talk about how Stevie Nicks speaks to her spiritual side, the best hot dogs in Washington, NC and how she helps creatives take bold, calculated steps in “Never Gonna Get It”, Episode 73 of the Something About Food? Podcast.

Ru Johnson is a writer and lead executioner at Roux Black. Specializing in content creation, event production and campaign development, all Denver-led projects led by Ru focus on nightlife, entertainment, and arts advocacy segments. Her companies main interests are nightlife/entertainment and cannabis industries. Find them on Twitter, Instagram and, Facebook. Find Ru on Instagram.

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Go on into  Bill’s Hot Dogs , they are open and don’t let the screen door slam!

Go on into Bill’s Hot Dogs, they are open and don’t let the screen door slam!