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Good Food News - Chef Alice Waters: Educator & Environmentalist

Photo credit: ROBIN D. SCHATZ

Photo credit: ROBIN D. SCHATZ

Chef Alice Waters could have sat on her laurels after opening her restaurant Chez Panisse in 1971 and pioneering the farm-to-table movement. But Chef Alice is also passionate about teaching children how to grow and cook their own food as a way of strengthening their connection to the environment and encouraging them to make healthy food choices.

Her nonprofit The Edible Schoolyard Project partners with city schools, incorporating gardening and kitchen classes into the schools’ curriculums. They conduct cafeteria tastings, work with partner organizations to improve cafeteria food, and host community days and daily programs in wellness education The Edible Schoolyard Project also offers professional development to support educators and administrators around the US to help them develop and expand programming in their own schools.

She is a chef, author, educator, and environmentalist- a quadruple threat!