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A blog about food, family, and travel by the mostly-vegan Chef Chris Clarke.   

Sum It Up Sunday - Sticking To It

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I have these moments of “WTF am I doing?” when it comes to the podcast. It’s not indecision about the nature of it. I really believe in our message that “Everyone is invited to the table” and our belief that we are all connected by food.

What I question is can I keep it going? My resources right now are finite. I’m working on that, working on working as it were, to be able to afford keeping this crazy food and conversation filled ship afloat. I’ve also been sending out Press Releases across the country to as many magazines, online and otherwise and free newspapers as I can find, around 117 in total.

Getting the word out, getting ears on the show, is the hardest part of all that we do. I love finding and chatting with the amazing folks we have as guests. Everyone of them is a surprise. From season #1…

I call Season 1 the Friends and Family Season!

I call Season 1 the Friends and Family Season!

All the way up to our last season, #7…

The only description Season 7 needs is delicious!

The only description Season 7 needs is delicious!

I ask of you, readers and listeners, to reach out to your local media outlets, magazines, newspapers, radio and TV stations, to let them know about us. When they see that our followers are dedicated to listening and sharing the stories and connections we are building, the better chance we’ll have to keep talking. Tell them they can find us at , on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Tumblr.

Season 8 is coming up on Tuesday and I’ve got a whole bunch of interviews done so that you can hear about vegans, omnivores and people who don’t seem like you, but with whom you connect, all because of food.

I’ll say it loud and I’ll say it proud, “There is Something About Food”!