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Good Food News - Igloo Compostable Cooler

It’s summertime and that means picnics, cook-outs and bbqs abound. When the weather gets hot we want our drinks cold, which is where coolers come in.

A reusable cooler is, of course, best for the planet, but many of us still grab a styrofoam one for convenience, and that’s not so great for the environment.

I love that REI and Igloo have teamed up to design the first fully biodegradable disposable cooler. This compostable cooler, can hold 75 pounds, keep ice frozen for up to 12 hours, and remain watertight for up to five days before breaking down. If you empty the water and air dry it, you can keep reusing it, but the waterproofing will give away eventually.

Oh, and it only costs $10. That’s a great deal that is even greater for the environment!