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Good Food News - Bye Bye Plastic Bags

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In yet another great example of young people leading the way, two sisters in Bali have started Bye Bye Plastic Bags to educate, innovate, and collaborate around the globe for a better world. Bali is part of Indonesia, which is the world's second-biggest polluter of marine plastic. Ocean currents then carry that plastic to the tourist island of Bali in alarming amounts.

18-year-old Melati Wijsen and her 16- year-old sister Isabel decided to work towards world wide change and do something about the plastic problem. They got some friends together, went online to start a petition, and got 6,000 signatures in less than a day. They spread awareness through school and community workshops, organized massive beach cleanup campaigns, and drew international and local attention. The new governor of Bali announced a law banning single-use plastic in 2019, thanks in part to the sisters' efforts. We love what they are doing and will absolutely follow their lead!