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Under the Cage

For someone who deals with such a serious and heartbreaking subject, Professor Callie Rennison has a great sense of humor and outlook on life.

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She is a criminologist and victimologist who studies violent victimization. She also has a bird boyfriend of 40 years, loves gas station hot dogs and Trader Joe's Mac and Cheese. A truly informative and fun conversation in “Under the Cage”, Episode 65 of the Something About Food? Podcast.

NOTE: The first 10 minutes of this audio are rough - that’s on me folks. After that it smooths out quite nicely as we continue this great chat.

Callie Marie Rennison is a professor and former associate dean of faculty affairs at University of Colorado Denver School of Public Affairs. She also served as the director of equity and Title IX coordinator for the CU Denver and Anschutz Medical campuses. Her research focuses on the nature, extent, and consequences of violent victimization with an emphasis on research methodology, quantitative analysis, measurement, and crime data. She is also the proud mom to several Lilac Crowned Amazons and an avid rock climber, biker and birder.

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