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Bold, Boiled, and Blades

Sometimes I think, like many of us do, that I’m alone in the world with how I view things. My next guest reminded me that that is not always true.

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Honestly, I could have talked with bladesmith Heather Haas for hours! We connected on so many levels: working in restaurants, learning to live a sober life, and how a road trip calls for the perfect road food (like boiled peanuts). You can hear it all in “Bold, Boiled, and Blades”, Episode 64 of the Something About Food? podcast.

Spending over a decade behind the bars in San Francisco, Heather J Haas started getting curious about how the bar tools were made. She always had a passion for creating things with her hands and wanted to redesign the tools she was using to cater to her specific needs. So she decided to pack up and move to Colorado in pursuit of learning the craft of bladesmithing. Her journey has taken her as far off as the coast of Maine, through the deep South and to all the flyover states. Studying under some of the best bladesmiths stateside, she brought that knowledge back to Colorado and H.J.Haas was born. Each piece is hand forged to create one of a kind bar tools and knives. Her wish is that they help create new memories in the kitchen that will tell stories for many years to come.

Just one of Heather’s creations.

Just one of Heather’s creations.

When she is not at her home shop in Elizabeth, she is hanging with my dog Jake, riding horses, learning French and reading. When she retires, she'll be sitting on her wraparound porch, eating peaches, drinking tea, watching the sun go down. Maybe it will be in Croatia or Canada but wherever she does land, she will still be making handcrafted knives and tools.

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A bag full of Heather’s favorite road food, boiled peanuts!

A bag full of Heather’s favorite road food, boiled peanuts!