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Good Food News - Operation Hay Drop

The little village of Gilbertsville, where I grew up, located in upstate NY, is surrounded by dairy farms, where a lot of my friends and school mates grew up and worked. The community there has always come together in times of crisis to help one another out, which is why this Good Food News story from Food Tech Connect resonated with me.

Hay Drop.jpg

The midwest was clobbered by a “bomb cyclone” that caused historic flooding in March, and then a blizzard hit in mid-April. Both weather events caused damaged and destroyed roads, homes, and farms, causing billions of dollars of destruction. There is a lack of federal resources available to those farmers who were hit.

Farm Rescue, which was founded in 2005 by Bill Gross, was there to assist with their second "Operation Hay Lift". It is Farm Rescue’s mission to support family farmers and ranchers during times of crisis. Those crises, like major illnesses, injuries, and natural disasters, can often mean certain doom for family farms and ranches. They are funded through donations, fundraisers, and grants from Farm Rescue , which has assisted more than 600 farms over the last 14 years with critical donations of equipment, labor, and hay.

Over the last century, middle and rural America have developed deep-rooted, systemic resources like Farm Rescue that are helping communities in times of need. These small-town and mid-west values, where you are there for your neighbors, are often overlooked by the urban and coastal communities when they say these regions are "dying out". The support that you give one another isn't all about monetary gain. These areas are still thriving, sharing hay, supporting a local business or farm, and just being there for one another. This is how a community moves forward after the devastation.