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Sum It Up Sunday - A Wee Up and A Wee Down

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I’m in Scotland! Took some time to get here. There was the 7 hour flight to Reyjekivik Iceland, where I got maybe 3 hours of sleep. Then a 10 hour layover in Iceland. That gave me a wonderful opportunity to wander around the city, for the second time.

I found myself wiped out by noon. I was running on only 3 hours sleep after all. So I took a nap on a couch in a hostel I had stayed at the last time I was in town. Had to do it. I was wiped!

Flight that afternoon to London, uber to Hotel and out like a light. Train to Edinburgh next morning, which I paid way too much for. I learned only days before I left the US that you can get a discount train pass MAILED to you before your trip. Lesson learned there.

I’ve spent the last few days wandering, working out in parks, and eating so much vegan food. I mean SO MUCH VEGAN FOOD. There are signs just about everywhere, tea shops, cafe’s, restaurants, that let you know before you even enter that they have vegan options. Do you know how easy that makes my life?

So much food, so little stomach space!

So much food, so little stomach space!

There were the inevitable (it is MY life after all) afternoon pastries or two. #notvegan

Let’s talk a bit about the ups and downs of travel. Even if you are someone who doesn’t suffer from depressiona and anxiety, as I do, life isn’t all sunshine and roses. I’m all about honesty and telling it like it is. It was tough getting here, I was so damm tired. Now that I’ve arrived, I’ve been on the go every day from 7am on. Fueled by pots of tea for sure.

Hostel life, for those who haven’t stayed in one, is very much like living in a dorm. Though you don’t usually know your roomates. (Sometimes you do become fast friends like I did with James in Madrid a few years back.) Earplugs and an eye mask make it so I can sleep quite soundly, usually. This am one of the folks staying in the same room as me decided to unpack and repack every single thing in his luggage…for an hour….at 7 am. Sigh….and some of you wonder why I prefer to live alone when I’m back in the US.

By late afternoon every day I crash. Hard. That is AOK. I listen to what my body is telling me. I am not one who believes in a higher power or omens. Yet there are signs telling us where we should head. Like the rain and wind in my face this am as I headed out on a walk by the water that told me in no uncertain terms that out wasn’t where I should be and in was. So in I went.

Now I’m in a cozy shop drinking yet more tea and writing this post. Not a bad place to be is it?

There are other times when the signs may point one way, and I’ll stubbornly go the other. Like when I was hiking up to the top of Arthur’s Seat a day or so ago. The wind was whipping so hard I thought I was going to get blown over or off. I didn’t. Had to scramble down as, me being me, I wandered off the well beaten easy trail to the less used “clamber down at your own risk” bit of trail. I made it without any bangs or bruises and a good laugh at my own ridiculousness. I would do it again if I had to.

Edinburgh is a lovely city for sure. Though I liked Leith even better. My Saturday morning and afternoon were spent wandering about out there.

I’m off to Glasgow on a quick train tomorrow so stay tuned for some Glaswegian stories. And much, much more vegan food.