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Good Food News - Appalachian Beekeeping

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NPR has a story about the once-thriving coal-mining communities of West Virginia, where the long-term decline of mining jobs has devastated the area's economy. The Appalachian Beekeeping Collective is a nonprofit working to develop sustainable economic opportunities with part of the $7.5 million lawsuit settlement against mine operator Alpha Natural Resources for violations of the Clean Water Act.

The nonprofit operates in 17 counties throughout the state with beekeeping training for displaced coal miners and low-income residents to give them the opportunity to generate a supplemental income.

One hive could earn them $732 per season, and twenty hives could mean nearly $15,000 per season.

Beekeeping, like mining, is hands-on work that requires on-the-job training. The former miners’ strong work ethic has brought them hope through honey.