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Sum It Up Sunday - Do the Hustle!

I took a bunch of the change that I have been dumping into a jar over to the store today to buy some fruit. I’ve got money, like, paper money. But don’t forget, that change is money too. And I did it because I’m working on being more mindful of my purchases. There are plenty of reasons why using cash for purchases is a good idea. For me, it’s taking a moment to think “Do I need this or do I just want this?”

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It took me a long time to learn to budget my money. Back in my drinking days I was clueless, especially when it came to buying drinks for myself and others at a bar. I was living paycheck to paycheck then, like many of us have. It takes a toll on you. When I didn’t know that I could pay off an $800 hospital bill in installments I was distraught thinking they were going to throw me in jail. I broke down in tears at a tire store when I was between paychecks and had gone in for a simple tire rotation, only to have them tell me that they couldn’t legally let me leave with the bald tires on my car and that I would need new ones. Luckily, they gave me an amazing deal on a new set, and to this day, 15 or so years later, I still go to them for all my tire needs (send me a direct message if you want more info on these Tire Angels).

I am tightening my budget right now for several reasons:

#1. I want to travel some more. I’ve got a trip booked to Scotland in mid-March through mid April. When I went on my around the world journey, I had a very strict budget so that I wouldn’t overspend my finite resources. I’m doing that here at home, and I’ll keep doing it when I’m across the pond.

#2 Yes, those resources are finite. I’ve started to pick up some freelance writing gigs, which is helping to bring some money into the bank account, which is much more gratifying to see than money going out of the bank account.

#3 I’ve got the podcast, the book and stories over on Patreon, and all three haven’t, yet, taken off as I know they can.

This is where The Hustle comes in. The only way for me to really get these projects, that I fully believe in, off the ground is I reach out to all of you and the infinite resources of social media and word of mouth.

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Tell your food loving family and friends all about us over here at the Something About Food? Podcast. The more folks we get to listen into the table full of conversations we are creating, the better chance we’ll have to truly monetize the program.

Let us know in the comments if you know of anyone you think would make a great guest for me to chat with.

I’ll bet dollars to Moroccan doughnuts, you’ve got friends who like to travel. Fill them in on my book, Clarke Wanders: The World or How A Very Sober, Mostly Vegan Spinster Chef Wandered A Welcoming World For A Year, They’ll get stories, recipes, and oh so many pictures of that year I spent out there.

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I’ve mentioned the stories I’m posting as mini-podcasts over on Patreon. Clarke Tales It is the name of the “show”, and each month a different story will be told. You can become a “patron” by choosing the level you want and listen in as I spin some off kilter tales for you.

I am very much a part of what they call the “gig” economy. I’m patching together jobs that utilize my skill set and working on my passion projects (podcast and book) at the same time. I’m also pet-sitting, house-sitting, and watching friends kids to corral some extra cash in ways that I truly enjoy.

The podcast and the book both share a common origin story: I no longer want to work in a box. I want to be me, doing things that I hope can make a change in the world, if only in a little way.

This “hustle” of mine will turn into something remarkable, and I know you’ll join me along the way.