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Good Food News-Feeding Federal Workers During the Shut-Down

Photo credit to  Grant Ritchie

Photo credit to Grant Ritchie

There is a lot of uncertainty as to when the government shutdown will end, and that is prompting cafes and restaurants to help out our displaced federal workers, according to a story from Forbes Magazine.

In New Orleans, the Ruby Slipper Cafe is providing a free breakfast entree and a beverage to workers and family members.

Chef Jose Andres is offering free sandwiches at his six Washington, D.C. restaurants to government workers affected by the shutdown, which he also did during the 2013 shutdown.

At it's locations in Boston, DC, Maryland, Miami, NYC, Philly and Virginia, restaurant chain &pizza is offering free pizza at its stores from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. to employees with a valid ID.

Fazolis is offering federal workers a free baked spaghetti at participating locations with an ID and purchase a drink.

In Indianapolis, restaurant owner Neal Brown offered free meals to government employees at his three restaurants, Pizzology, The Libertine, and Ukiyo. Some his patrons are sweetening the deal said Brown "I've also had a lot of people reach out and offer assistance, like can we throw in gift cards or...someone offered to throw in wine and I thought, wine makes people happy, so yeah, it's been phenomenal."

This tough time is truly bringing everyone to the tab