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Good Food News - Protein from Scum?

Photo credit: CNN

Photo credit: CNN

CNN has a report on algae, or pond scum, being grown in the New Mexico desert as a protein-packed option for the future. According to iWi CEO Miguel Calatayud, the growing global population will make the need for alternative proteins like algae a potential necessity.   

We must find a way to feed ourselves in a more sustainable way in order to heal the planet, and algae might be a possible solution. It doesn't require fresh water to grow, while much of earth's fresh water goes to conventional farming and cattle. That green scum from oceans, ponds, and aquariums grows quickly, is a nutritional powerhouse, and needs next to nothing to proliferate, even in a desert.

These strains don't smell or taste overwhelming, and most won't turn your food green. And that will be greener for planet earth in the long run.