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Always Choose Cake

I was waiting for Huffman! Typical of Dave Huffman, we started our interview a few minutes late as he was pulling vegan cupcakes out of the oven. Nothing wrong with that AT ALL!

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He may go by the alias Bitchy Vegan Homo on his YouTube channel, but he is pure fun to chat with. We talked pastries, traveling while vegan and getting everyone to the table on “Always Choose Cake”, Episode 36 of the Something About Food? podcast. And by the way: yes, yes you should.

Dave Huffman is the host of the Cleveland, OH-based YouTube cooking show "Bitchy Vegan Homo". He lives with 4 cats, 1 giant dog, and his handsome fiancé. He would eat cake for every meal if it wouldn’t immediately lead to diabetes. Find him on Twitter  @bitchyveganhomo and on Instagram @bitchyveganhomo

Also listen in here:

Here is a pic of the wonderful cupcakes Dave was making before we chatted. They look good enough to eat, don't they?!