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Sum It Up Sunday - More AND Less

This bar is vegan, so that’s better, more or less.

This bar is vegan, so that’s better, more or less.

If you’re a fan of Bloom County as I am, you may remember one of my all time favorite strips where Berkeley Breathed taps directly into our going-on-a-diet psyche. Opus is falling for the diet craze of the moment like a lemming and Milo is the voice of reason.

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Eat less and exercise. It’s that simple. Or so it would seem. We hope for that magic pill, especially right after the holidays, when we’ve gotten very merry and our pants are feeling like they are holding in a bowl full of jelly. And we know, in our hearts of hearts, there is no magic pill.

Eat less and exercise.

As I get older I realize that I can’t bring in as many calories as I once could. My metabolism has changed. I also know that when I exercise I feel better physically and mentally. When I’m out on a walk, hike or run, my mind becomes productive, creative and I find the answer to problems that have been worrying me.

It’s the eating less that is really hard for me. I fucking love food. If you’re on this website, this blog, if you’ve listened to the podcast or read my book, you know this. I. Love. Food.

I don’t do New Year’s resolutions. I do “Be Better”. So that is what I am going to continue to do: be better at not eating more calories than my body can accomodate while also enjoying the food I love and getting the exercise brings me balance.

Eat less and exercise. Getting more and less.