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Sum It Up Sunday - Be There

Back when I was hitting up the internet dating sites (hard!), a friend helped me set up my profile. For the question about naming one of my good qualities, she said “Showing up!”

Being there for those around you is something I grew up learning with my gargantuan family in my small town. It’s just what you do.

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My dad was only around half the time until I was 11, and then not at all, as he was an alcoholic, serial deserter, and minor conman. Whenever he ran off it was with most or all of the family money. And that is when relatives, friends and neighbors stepped in.

If someone needed a ride somewhere, there was always someone going that way. Kids need watching? The neighbors were right there, ready and willing. Hand-me downs from cousins were always a treat and (although we didn’t realize at the time,) a necessity to keep us clothed.

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I’ve been back in Longmont for less than a week now, and I’ve been called upon to help out 4 different friends. Helping with dogs, kids, keys to the parents condo, etc. Calls that I have no problem answering. That is what you do.

And this is not just for folks you know. You hand in a credit card or wallet when you find it. Pick up a hat that falls out of the hands of someone loaded up with groceries at the store. Plug in a computer for someone who can’t reach the plug.

I don’t believe in a higher power or heaven. I do believe in kindness and being there for one another. That to me is heaven on earth. Every one of these encounters adds more good to the world, that the folks involved or even watching, take with them.

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Spread it out there. Be there.