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A blog about food, family, and travel by the mostly-vegan Chef Chris Clarke.   

Hot Chocolate on Venus

Networking is one thing. Meeting a fellow human and sharing food is another. I met podcaster, Mr. Emmitt Muckles in Philly at a podcast convention. And, as I do, within about 20 minutes of meeting we and a few others were sitting down to hand-shaved noodles in Chinatown!

Living the Billionaire Lifestyle!

Living the Billionaire Lifestyle!

He knows about kitchen life, food memories, and how every single one of us has a Billionaire Lifestyle locked within us. We also talk about all things carnivore and herbivore in “Hot Chocolate on Venus”, Episode 44 of “Something About Food?”

Emmitt Muckles is a Trainer, Public Speaker, business owner and a person who deeply cares about the well-being of others. For many years he struggled with stress rooted in personal finance ignorance. The lessons he learned, “pay it forward” and “plant the seeds of prosperity”, are the goals of his Billionaire Lifestyle Website. Simple principles, tested knowledge, deliberate strategy. His podcast provides personal interviews with people who are finding and living their own Billionaire Lifestyle.

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Noodles, edamame, dumplings and an audio recorder…as one does.

Noodles, edamame, dumplings and an audio recorder…as one does.