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Sum It Up Sunday - All Hail All Hallows Eve!

Sexy Gorilla.jpg

Halloween is my all-time favorite holiday. I adore Xmas, and Thanksgiving is always an opportunity to put myself into a stuffing coma (a stuffoma if you will), but Halloween is truly magical to me. I have never really go for the “sexy XXX” trope (although I was once a “Sexy Gorilla”, but that doesn’t count, does it?). I’d rather have a costume that I’ve thought out.

Clarke Halloween.jpg

I will happily blame my mother for this, of course. I’ve talked often about how our costumes growing up were were always on point and themed: nursery rhymes, the circus (unironically), people of many lands, and Robin Hood and His Merry Men, to name only a few. I was trained well.

Years later I held a Halloween bash that was themed “Come as Something You Will Never Be”. I was a Fly Girl and my friend was a pregnant bride. Lo and behold, several months later she was letting out her bridal gown, but I’ve never even met Keenan Ivory Wayans or J.Lo, so mine continues to be true.

Slash and Axl.jpg

Once I got to Colorado, I found a partner in my Halloween theme quest. She is also an expert seamstress, so that helped. We were Cheerleaders from Hell, Captain Hook and Peter Pan, Pris and Elle Woods (Darryl Hanna Characters), Slash and Axl and of course, with her sister and their respective boyfriends, Evil Disney Characters.

It wasn’t until after she had moved to PDX that she informed me that she has never liked Halloween. I was shocked. Why did she join in then? “Because you liked it!” she told me. Honestly, though, I think she loved it too, she just hasn’t found anyone out there to lead the transformative charge.

Purple Afro's.jpg

You know what, now that I think about it, I don’t even need the holiday to dress up. That’s right folks. I love a costume, a hat, a wig, anything that is theatrical in flavor. And why not?

Red Rug Dress.jpg

There is a feeling of whimsy for me when I paint my face, try on 70’s gowns at a thrift store, or a funny hat. Isn’t that something we all need in our life? One of my favorite anonymous quotes of all time is “There is absolutely no evidence what so ever, that life was meant to be taken seriously.”

Damn straight and well said, whoever you are. I hope you all take the time to dress up, give your kids a theme, or cheer on the kids, families and friends who put time and thought into their costume. Whimsy, people. Try it. It’s lovely.

Dress Shoping.jpg