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Good Food News - No “No-Poach”

Picture credit Aaron Clarke

Picture credit Aaron Clarke

The New York Times reports on seven major restaurant chains- Arby’s, Carl’s Jr., McDonald’s, Jimmy John’s, Auntie Anne’s, Buffalo Wild Wings and Cinnabon- who have agreed to stop “no-poach” clauses, a hiring practice that may be keeping tens of thousands of fast-food workers locked in low-wage jobs.

The”no-poach” clauses prohibit workers at, for example, one Carl’s Jr. franchise from going to another Carl’s Jr. These clauses have drawn scrutiny over whether they hold down pay for restaurant employees, who are one of the largest segments of the US workforce. Removing the clause allows the workers to not only use other offers as leverage in pay negotiations but also frees them up to take on more hours at other restaurants to help pay the bills.

Kudos to these chains for taking a step forward for their employees.