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Sum It Up Sunday - Tis Written!

Holy shit, I wrote a book! Can you believe it? I sure as hell can’t.

Here is a look at the mockup of the front cover.

Front Cover Snip.PNG

Mr. Coster, in 4th or 5th grade English class, asked us all what we wanted to be when we grew up. I said a writer. After reading a story I wrote that was a mystery involving a hidden room behind a library wall, he encouraged me to do so.

It was also in 5th or 6th grade that I wrote an essay for History class on The French Resistance in World War II because I had read a book about Charles de Gaulle and though “Why not?”

I was a Junior in high school, or thereabouts, when I was accused of plagiarizing by my English teacher for a story I had written. The main character was a 6’6” albino black man who was taking his entrance exam to be a member of the Mind Sculptors Guild. I assure you, it was not plagiarized.

I think it may sound as if I’m boasting a bit. I sure as hell hope so. I have wanted to do this for a very long time. Write a book. I’ve started and stopped through the years. Started because I have an idea that I love and want to write about. And stopped because I wasn’t sure anyone would read it.

Now, after that year long journey I took. I’ve written this book all about it. Every country I visited, experienced and lived in, is written about, all 19 of them. It is stuffed with 342 pictures like:

A market in Goa India.

A market in Goa India.

Recipes are there as well, from every country I visited. Some are as they were and some I’ve adapted to be vegan (with instructions for you omnivores to make them your own.)

Last summer I rented a house for a few months so that I could take pictures of the recipes. Here is just one to tempt you.

Ah, Danish Rye, you taste so damn good, complex and hearty (and are so expensive in Iceland).

Ah, Danish Rye, you taste so damn good, complex and hearty (and are so expensive in Iceland).

The thing that has taken so long for me to get this all done is the fact that I have done most of it alone. Not all. I’ve had some help. The good thing about that is that it is my vision. The bad thing is that it is exhausting. I am not a designer. I don’t understand photoshop, or formatting. I learned what I needed to to get it done.

One of my favorite novels is the book Catch 22, and that logic is very much on display in this adventure I’ve had in getting this book done. I needed to sell the book in order to afford the folks who could have helped me get the book done, and sold, faster. “And so it goes…”-Kurt Vonnegurt

I’m waiting to hear this week if the last bit of formatting edits are right. If so, we will be a go, people! I’ll let you all now when the book will be ready for pre-order. It may take a few weeks after the go-ahead for it to be available. I think we can wait a bit more, don’t you?