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Sum It Up Sunday - DisCourse

We will soon be hiding the Halloween candy from ourselves and girding our loins for the coming political/holiday season. Is there anything more divisive than the holiday table? Carnivores and vegans, red vs. blue, LGBTQ folks eating together with folks who may not to see them for their authentic selves, and then of course there is the stuffing vs. dressing debate…

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Seriously though. Sitting down with your family, birth or chosen, is filled with more than just breaking bread and passing the peas. Here is one thing that ought to always be served:


I don’t agree with everyone I know, or even the folks I don’t know. I don’t even like everyone I meet. I know, shocking. Yet I will do my best to respect them and their points of view. Sometimes that means we talk more about running or Netflix queues than Medicare for All. And that is A-OK.

What is so beautiful about sharing food with others is the company and community. There is a warmth at the table. Even when you are in Florida air-conditioning, or huddled by the woodstove in Almost Canada (my joke name for Milwaukee where my oldest brother lives) you are with folks who are all sitting down for the same reason. To be Thankful.

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You don’t need to look at the world in the same way as someone else to have a connection. We’ve been saying that all along here at the “Something About Food?” Podcast. Open your table to others and you’ll see. Be thankful that we can sit and share time, food, respectful conversations, laughter and maybe a piece of pie.

Yes, you should speak up for what you believe. I am always one for respectful, passionate discourse. Maybe, like me, you’re one for going out and marching for your beliefs. Perhaps social media is more your style. And then there are those who don’t want to air anything anywhere. There are two things this season that almost all Americans can and should be doing. Voting and sharing a holiday meal with the ones they love (even if they don’t always like them).

Thanks you, oh Hungry Hordes, for listening, eating and sharing. I respect you and all you are. Now pass the dressing (see where I sit on that subject?)!