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Good Food News - Kitchens for Good

Civil Eats has a hopeful story about social entrepreneur Aviva Paley, who oversees job training, hunger relief, and food rescue programs for Kitchens for Good, a San Diego-based social enterprise catering company.

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Paley is working to build the non-profit into a sustainable organization that can control growth, capital, and resources, and then invest in social programs or reinvest it in jobs. The Kitchens for Good program offers tuition-free, intensive, on-the-job culinary training for youth aging out of foster care, formerly incarcerated individuals, and homeless people. They are now looking to expand into a second site, and to growing its hunger relief program. They provide 50,000 meals a year for at-risk youth, home-bound seniors, and the homeless. And with a recent foundation grant, the organization will build on a U.S. Department of Agriculture program by providing 500 to 700 school meals a day to eligible students.

This is an organization that is looking at the big picture and seeing the synergy between job training, employment, food rescue, and hunger relief.