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Von Wong World

Ben Von Wong has my attention. I found his photo campaign for Second Harvest Food Bankwhich was designed to highlight childhood hunger and food insecurity. It features children going to extraordinary lengths in order to find food, from a "Mission: Impossible"-style bacon heist to an "Indiana Jones"-like discovery in the wild.

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His passionate advocacy through art, his thoughts on yak cheese and more were a blast here in “Von Wong World”.

Benjamin Von Wong is a viral campaign creator focused on supporting social and environmental causes. He creates images so amazing that people think are photoshopped in order to educate and inspire. His work has been featured numerous times on BuzzfeedGizmodoMashableHuffington Post, and more. His project that involved placing a Mermaid on 10,000 plastic bottles to raise awareness about plastic pollution has over 30 million views, and his most successful fundraising video to date has raised over 2 million dollars to help a child with Sanfilippo Syndrome.

He is currently looking to work with corporations that have a Triple Bottom Line.

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