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Food, Happiness and Dancing

When Judaline Cassidy was highlighted on Amy Poehler's Smart Girls for being the first female plumber to be accepted into the Staten Island Plumbers Union 371, and for launching the nonprofit organization Tools & Tiaras to encourage young women to get involved in trade professions, I knew I wanted to chat with her. Once we got going, I discovered that she loves food almost more than I do!

Bake and Shark, cake for dinner and empowering young women to be strong and self-sufficient are just some of the topics of conversation in "Food, Happiness and Dancing", Episode 22 of Something About Food?

Judaline Cassidy: Plumber, Activist, Trailblazer, and Founder of the Nonprofit Tools & Tiaras Inc. She was born in the beautiful twin islands of Trinidad and Tobago, a multicultural country known for its renowned carnival, steelpan, and calypso music.  Judaline started her plumbing career at the John Donaldson Technical of Trinidad. She was one of the first three females selected to pursue Plumbing at the Technical Institute (now known as the University of Trinidad and Tobago).

Judaline was of the very first women accepted into the Plumbers Local Union 371 in Staten Island, New York, and the first woman elected on the Examining Board of Plumbers Local Union No. One. She cares deeply for her fellow sisters in the trades and serves as a mentor and big sister to anyone that needs her stewardship.

She has been a proud member of Plumbers Local Union No One New York City for the past twenty years. Being a qualified plumber has drastically changed her life, affording her and her family upward mobility.

You can find Tools and Tiaras on InstagramTwitter, and Facebook.

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