Something About Food? Podcast
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Chef Chris Clarke talks about the Something About Food podcast in other places and spaces online.


Chef Clarke chats with her pal Leslie Ann on WZOZ about where food has taken her from growing up in Gilbertsville, NY.

Chef Clarke takes a turn on the other side of the interview table on Chef Shawn’s Business Chef in “Episode 30 – Chris Clarke, Teamwork, your restaurant family and the Something About Food Podcast

Chris was a guest on Emmit Muckle’s Billionaire Lifestyle Podcast. They bonded upon meeting each other at Podcast Movement 2018 in Philadelphia. Have you ever met someone who you found so friendly that the next thing you know, you’re just thick as thieves within a very short time?

Before the “Something About Food?” Podcast came to be, Chef Clarke sat down with the folks at Feastly to answer a few questions in #GirlsWithKnives Spotlight: Chef, Blogger + Adventurer Chris Clarke

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Chef Clarke was invited on to the Gone Trippin Podcast to chat with Cam and Ren in Pillars of a Road Trip: Food. They all dive into their favorite road trip snacks and the restaurants that need to be on your bucket list. Make sure to listen in as the omnivore, vegetarian, and mostly vegan discuss the most important pillar of a road trip: food.

Yet another Podcast Convention pal, Suchandrika Chakrabarti, was so interested in Chef Clarke’s story that she interviewed her for Best Mag in the UK. The story of her chucking it all and taking that around the world journey may get you feeling the wanderlust as well.

Chef Clarke went home again! The Daily Star, the local paper from the area where she grew up, Oneonta and Gilbertsville NY, gave her a great shout out. They chatted about her travels, podcast, the book, and her author talk and signing at her hometown Library.

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