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The Something About Food? Podcast

Hello Hungry Hordes! This is Something About Food?, a podcast that gives Chef Chris Clarke the chance to invite everyone to the table. We all have to eat, and she is just the food dork to chat with you about it. Diverse guests share how food impacted them, and the tasty, memorable and outright ridiculous things they’ve eaten. It isn’t just food, it’s people, their connections to what they eat and us.

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After selling most of what she owned and traveling the world for a year to better understand food, Chef Chris Clarke wanted to keep exploring and connecting (and eating).  The goal of the Something About Food? Podcast is to bring a diverse array of guests to the table to talk about food, family, travel, and much much more. Pull up a chair, there is always room at the table! 

EP 075 - A Kneed to Change - Julia Shih of Miracle Sports Cream is a mom and an athlete who’s overcome injuries and shyness to be a natural health advocate. She could also eat cake until she blacks out. She talks about hard work, delicious food, her love of comedy, and the power of herbs.


EP 074 - Bruja Fuerte - Chef Diana Dávila is the Executive Chef and Owner of Mi Tocaya Antojería in Chicago’s Logan Square neighborhood. The witchcraft that Chef Diana Dávila works with her recipes and food is her way of honoring the women who came before her. She talks me about how she learned from her Mexican ancestors, the strength it takes to run a successful kitchen, and how she would eat a taco over pizza any day!


Ep 073 - Never Gonna Get It - Ru Johnson is a writer and lead executioner at Roux Black. Her strength as a business leader is enhanced by her zest for living a full-on life. She talks about how Stevie Nicks speaks to her spiritual side, the best hot dogs in Washington, NC and how she helps creatives take bold, calculated steps.


EP 072 - Tastes Like Rain - The indigenous foods of the Americas have a voice that emanates from podcaster Andi Murphy on her Toasted Sister Podcast. The New Mexico local talks about native foods, how the fish and chips she ate in Ireland was phenomenal, and how being a busy podcaster, producer, and engineer doesn’t leave her time to make her own sweetener for her Navajo Tea.


EP 071 - Beans A’Poppin - Tabitha Brown is a vegan force of nature, actress, and influencer. She talks about the joy of trying new foods, how eating vegan helped to heal her, how she knew she was an actor, and going viral!


EP 070 - Working For Your Food - Jon Keur is the audio magician that helps make this show happen from his Wayfare Recording Company. For almost 10 years, Jon has been deep in the audio space working alongside up-and-coming podcasters, songwriters and artists. He chats about pizza (including a very controversial ingredient), eating his way through Italy, and much more!


EP 069 - Blood, Sweat, Tears & Glaze - Richard Eng is a Biology major turned fine dining specialist, operations consultant and now back to his original pastry roots as a baker/donut maker. He is the CEO & CDD (Chief Donut Designer) of Black Label Donuts where he brings a sophisticated fine dining approach to donuts. He chats about the donut landscape, scent memories, and the universality of fried dough.


EP 068 - Eating History - Adrian Miller is a James Beard Award-winning food writer, attorney, and certified barbecue judge who lives in Denver, CO. He is currently the executive director of the Colorado Council of Churches and, as such, is the first African American and the first layperson to hold that position. He chats about the regional complexities of Texas BBQ, apologizing to a gospel group on 420, and the over 150 African-Americans who have cooked in the White house since Washington. 


EP 067 - That’s So Wong! - Lisa Wong comes from a family of restaurateurs, so it was a natural fit that she would become a food truck entrepreneur the Wong Way Veg. Her love of street food, animals, and her passion for feeding people is what drives this little orange truck!


EP 066 - The Pot Roast Years - Rev. Amanda Henderson has served as Executive Director of The Interfaith Alliance of Colorado since 2014. She is an ordained minister and community leader in Denver, Colorado bringing people together for healing in times of tragedy, and mobilizing individuals and groups in times of injustice. She has a lot to talk about, including tacos, brownies, and how being homeless is not a criminal act.


EP 065 - Under the Cage - Professor Callie Rennison is a criminologist and victimologist who studies violent victimization. She talks about the changing definitions of crime and sexual violence. She also shares a unique method of identifying cheeses, discusses her ideal food vs service ratio in restaurants, reveals that she has a bird boyfriend of 40 years and owns her love of gas station hot dogs and Trader Joe's Mac and Cheese.
 NOTE: Due to a recording error, the first 10 minutes of this audio are rough but then go back to normal.


EP 064 - Bold, Boiled, and Blades - Heather J. Haas took her past experiences as a bartender and forged a new career as a bladesmith. She talks about road trip strategy, the joys and perils of food service, sobriety, boiled peanuts, and more!


EP 063 - Oreo Vegan? Yes, I Am! - Jessica Piñeros is a vegan foodie, freelance photographer, and co-organizer for the Miami Chapter of Veggie Mijas. She talks about vegan Mexican wedding cookies and arroz con leche, supporting the femme, queer, and non-binary Latinx community, travel on a budget, and how vegans love pancakes too.


EP 062 - Tater Tot Hotdish - Adam Martin and Ricky Pallay of the F5 Project help formerly incarcerated felons "hit the refresh button" and transition to life outside. They talk about this important community work as well as the fried cheesy pickles, doner kebab, and tater tot hotdish that keep them fueled!


EP 061 - Elbow to Elbow - This conversation with craft beer brewers Shyla Sheppard and Missy Begay was smoky, and sweet, and local. The co-founders of Albuquerque's Bow & Arrow Brewing Co  chat about kneel down bread, knoephla soup, and how they are building community with their brews!


EP 060 - Eye on the Pie - John Lehndorff is a Boulder County food writing institution. He talks about clambakes, restaurants that were, bakeries that are, and all the intricate requirements for the perfect pie.


059 - Burnt Flavor - Chef Antwon Brinson created his Culinary Concepts AB intensive program to train folks for employment in the world of cooking. He reminisces about hot dogs in Buffalo and the loco moco in Hawaii, ponders "burnt" as a flavor and the use of spam in island cuisine, and discusses how restaurant work is both creative labor and a trade.


EP 058 - Yesterday’s Corn - Warren Scharf didn’t know what he was getting into when he married into my family or when he agreed to be a guest on my podcast. Don’t tell him I said so, but I’m glad he did. We chat about his work as Executive Director of Lenox Hill Neighborhood House in NYC, sfogliatelle pastry, and momos in Dublin.


EP 057 - Eating Wright - Dr. Devon Wright is a professor of Africana Studies, an avid bike commuter, a jazz musician, and a graphic novel creator about a dystopian future with a jazz guitar playing antihero ( Our conversation covers all those things, plus McDonald’s french fries, going mostly vegetarian, and Jamaican rum cake!


Ep 056 - No Labels - Watt Sriboonruang calls herself a "Pie Lady", we call her a chef. This creator of raw/vegan pastries at her shop Rawsome Treats chats about blue curry, tiramisu, kickboxing and letting go of judgment


EP 055 - Lame Hollandaise Sauce - Casey Lloyd was a blast to chat with because not only is he an actor, he’s also a newly minted vegan! This native Coloradan chatted about unlocking the arcane mysteries of making Eggs Benedict, traveling in New Zealand like a true Lord of the Rings Nerd, environmental consciousness, and his lifelong dream of building his own dinosaur from the DNA u0


EP 054 - Oh Crepes! - Monika Celly is a food enthusiast who loves teaching and sharing authentic Indian recipes through her cooking classes and meal kits with the local community. She runs the cooking school “Polka Dots and Curry” in Colorado Springs, CO. And she loves to combine traveling with exploring new food. This episode will make you hungry!


EP 053 - Shumai and Buddhakai - Bernard Quisumbing, aka Buddhakai, is multifaceted.  He’s a businessman, dim sum lover, father, positive rapper, New Jersey boy, hopeless romantic, and recovering addict. Plus he loves to feel the burn of spicy food!


Ep 052 - Mas Dosas - Adriana Flores-Ragade has a podcast, LatinxAmerica, that gives a voice and visibility to diversifying the tech space. Our chat covers her embodiment of that diversity through her love for her abuela's Orange cake, learning to love Indian cuisine from her Indian-American husbands perspective, eating a world of food with her family, and where the best mole sauce comes from.


Ep 051 - The Whole Bagel - Jason Lazar founded fashion and cannabis lifestyle magazine The Hemponair because he knows that cannabis appeals to more than the tie-dye wearing, Phish-loving demographic. We talk about eating concert parking lot vegan burritos, traveling in Tel Aviv, eating Beyond Burgers to keep kosher, and why NY bagels are the best.


Ep 050 - Sweet Tea OMG - Dr. René Shingles was the first African American Woman inducted into the National Athletic Trainers’ Association prestigious Hall of Fame, an amazing tribute to an educator with a distinguished career. Working with athletes from youth to Olympic elites, cast iron skillets as a necessity, figuring out her mom’s sweet tea recipe, and the world’s best Peking duck are all part of the conversation.


Ep 049 - MEANS to an End - Sammie Paul is the Chief Operating Officer at MEANS Database, a nation-wide communication platform that reroutes excess food from restaurants & grocery stores to local food pantries, soup kitchens, and homeless shelters. She is passionate about public health policy, travel, and finding the best new restaurant wherever she is. She talks to Chef Clarke about her travels, lava-hot chai in India, food waste in the US, and wood-fired bagels in DC.


Ep 048 - Not Your Average Joe - From Atlanta to Los Angeles, Sumi Ali "grew up in coffee", with stints at Condesa, Intelligentsia, Thrive Farmers and more. His current project is YES PLZ, a direct-to-consumer coffee roaster that aims to democratize great coffee. He’s also always on the lookout for excellent customer service, friendly middle of the country diners, and ribs- he wants ALL the BBQ ribs.


Ep 047 - How Bazaar! - The Westside Bazaar in Buffalo, NY is an immigrant and refugee business incubator. Chef Chris Clarke chats with three of the ladies working there, Aye Min Thant, Gysma Kueny and Nadeen Yousef, as well as manager Bob Doyle. They share their experiences, including what they sell, their favorite food growing up in their home countries, and how they’ve adapted themselves to the Buffalo winter.


Ep 046 - More Please - Traveler and food lover Nadine O hasn’t figured it all out yet but she is having fun trying. Her Yandy Project gives people over 50 a chance to share their stories and connect with others via the You Are Not Done Yet podcast.  She chats about soaking in a Japanese hot spring, eating as much pizza as she can in Naples, her obsession with China and navigating life changes.


Ep 045 - Carb Friendly - Social media consultant. World traveler. Old Bay Seasoning fiend. Jennifer Kirk has a passion for marketing, exploring, and dining, exemplified by her "30 Stars in 30 Days" culinary journey. She talks about dining at Michelin-starred restaurants, her favorite San Francisco haunts, eating haggis in Scotland, and many more of her delicious experiences. 


EP 044 - Hot Chocolate on Venus - Emmitt Muckles is a man on a mission to help people become financially literate and live the "Billionaire Lifestyle". He has a lot of great stories about eating and cooking food as well as fantastic insights into what you can learn from exploring new cultures, the joy of tuning into others, and the importance of remembering to play.


EP 043 - Your Choi - Dr. Lori Choi is a vascular surgeon and one of the founding member of women’s health advocacy and education group “I’ll Have What She’s Having”. She understands restaurant life, gets why chocolate cake should be sweet and not too dense, and is fighting for women’s reproductive rights and access to high quality, affordable health care in the US.


Ep 042 - Shell Yes! - Peter Stein is bringing back the centuries-old tradition of oyster farming off the Long Island Sound with his company Peeko Oysters. He’s as passionate about what he’s doing for the waterways as he is about his crop. We gabbed about the best ice cream truck treats, street food in South East Asia, and how he is growing clean water on his farms.


Ep 041 - Take The Cake - Nikki Silva is one half of the radio production team “The Kitchen Sisters”. Since 1979, she has been creating programming that shares hidden stories and histories from a diverse range of subjects and places. She talks to Chef Clarke about communal living, George Foreman Grills feeding immigrants and the homeless, how her Heritage cake is everyone’s favorite dessert, and much more.  


Ep 040 - Dough Yes! - Chef Maiki Le found her passion for the culinary arts early on, constantly baking for family and friends. Chef Maiki won on both Food Network’s 24 Hour Restaurant Battle and Food Network’s Chopped, as well as competing in the finale as Sous Chef for Jehangir Mehta on Food Network’s Next Iron Chef. She talks to Chef Clarke about her dislike of fruit, her love of Vietnamese mayonnaise, and how to own and grow from failure.


Ep 039 - The Write Hand - Meg Favreau is an LA-based writer, director, maker, traveler, and lover of food. She took a break from working on season two of the tween fantasy-dramady Total Eclipse to talk about nostalgia for tiny health food stores, funeral cookies, a surreal dining experience in Spain, how baked goods can be delicious without looking perfect, and more! 


Ep 038 - The Enabler - Morgan Roddy runs Queer Chocolatier in Muncie, IN. She's also an social justice advocate, a tried and true Hoosier and an experienced BBQ devourer. We dig into her chocolatier experience, LGBTQ space and how everyone should just share their food.


Ep 037 - Well Aged - John R. Rohner is equally comfortable teaching museography in the classroom, going "off the sidewalk" to explore wildlife around Hudson Bay, and concocting a delicious fruit pie in the kitchen. He also found time to write down and share the knowledge that led him to known as "The Godfather of the American Engraving Renaissance." At 95, he is truly an American original!


Ep 036 - Always Choose Cake - Dave Huffman is the host of the YouTube cooking show Bitchy Vegan Homo. He would eat cake for every meal if it wouldn’t immediately lead to diabetes. He talks about his insatiable hunger for desserts, cooking with aquafaba, the perfect apple, and eating vegan in Cleveland and on the road. 


Ep 035 - A Feast for The Eyes - Tom di Maria is a world traveler and an art and food lover. He is also an advocate for artists with disabilities as director of Creative Growth Art Center in Oakland CA. We talked about Buffalo, Sunday Sauce being started on Saturday, and how art can give the artist more than a voice. And as always, pastries came up in the conversation (why is that?). 


Ep 034 - Smoothie Saturation - Multi-disciplinary designer and renaissance woman Laci Jordan uses bold colors and pop culture influences to create striking images that explore day to day life and representation. She talks to Chef Clarke about choosing design as a career path, moving to Los Angeles, and why sometimes it’s ok to have too much of a good thing (especially in New Orleans).


Ep 033 - Better Than Blank - Christina Bartel stays busy between running the vegan dip and dressing company Let Thy Food and operating the Denver-based food truck Wanderculinarilust. Nonetheless she found time to share her thoughts on the importance of using whole ingredients, going all-in when you are making holiday cookies, and eating healthfully and joyfully while protecting animals, the environment, and each other.


Ep 032 - Team Salt - Vilissa Thompson is a social worker who uses her strong voice it to speak up for the disabled community. She also has an infectious laugh and an appreciation for food. She talks to Chef Clarke about her advocacy work and shares her take on grits, coconut pie, fried chicken and more!


Ep 031 - Von Wong World - Benjamin Von Wong is a viral campaign creator focused on supporting social and environmental causes. He talks to Chef Clarke about using art to inspire change change, traveling the world with a little help from the social network, and yak cheese.


Ep 030 - Two Women Talking - Caitlin Durante, LA-based comedian and co-host of The Bechdel Cast, talks about finding time to cook, female representation in film, and how she really feels about Citizen Kane.  


Ep 029 - Sea Captains and Wizards - It's BOC time! Brian James O’Connell takes a break from his epic schedule of improv, acting, filmmaking and teaching to talk to Chef Clarke about Bojangles biscuits, exotic cuisine, food truck culture, and the sartorial decisions of Silver Lake hipsters. 


Ep 028 - Jam to Uli's Beet - Uli Nasibova talks about her inspiration and passion for creating the delicious gelato flavors she serves at Gelateria Uli, how the food scene in Los Angeles is an important part of the process, and why taking extra steps matters.  


Ep 027 - A Cuppa Conversation - Rabbi Marc Soloway graciously sat down over a cuppa and digestive biscuit to talk about vegan chopped liver, the spirituality of theater, environmental science, and the interplay between food and religion. 


Ep 026 - My Mouth Is Lost! - Ayesha Ash, ballerina and founder of The Swans Dream Project, talks about growing up in a house full of boys, dancing, challenging stereotypes, and staying healthy by eating Italian food.   


Ep 025 - Not Spam! - Siblings Aubry and Kale Walch are the owners of The Herbivorous Butcher, America's first vegan butcher shop. They chat about pizza popsicles, real faux meat and eating vegan in Spain and Scotland.


Ep 024 - Post Up - Rich Cho is a man in love with food and searches it out wherever he may be. His travels around the US have given him amazing insight into the underrated food cities, which he shares on his blog Bigtime Bites.


Ep 023 - Safari So Good - Hagai Zvulun, founder of Matembezi African wildlife safaris, talks about chocolate, toum and the wonders of the wildebeest migration in this "mostly vegan" conversation. 


Ep 022 - Food, Happiness and Dancing - Tools & Tiaras founder Judaline Cassidy talks about empowering young women to be strong and self-sufficient, the amazing food in Trinidad and Tobago, being a plumber, and the joy of cake. 


Ep 021 - Go(ld) Figure - Figure skating champion and Olympic gold medalist Brian Boitano talks about staying hungry, baked potatoes, ginger mishaps, and life in Liguria. 


Ep 020 - A Flavorful Stigma - Kimberly Jung, CEO and co-founder of Rumi Spice, chats with Chef Clarke about growing up in LA's Chinatown, serving in Afghanistan, building a sustainable business. and where to find the world's premiere saffron.


Ep 019 - Poetry and Pupusas - Javier Zamora was born in El Salvador and migrated to this country at the age of nine. He is a poet, and his recent collection "Unaccompanied" draws on his experiences as a child and immigrant. He also loves pupusas, karaoke, and exploring the United States. ¡Disfruta!  


Ep 018 - Positively Cynical - Won Kim shares his journey from street artist to street food purveyor. From his graffiti to his Polish Korean culinary mash-up joint Kimski, Won's tale of growing up in Chicago is entertaining, inspiring, and more than a little salty. 


Ep 017 - A Good Sport - Jeff O'Brian is an advocate for social justice through sport, empowering people for positive change in professional, college and high school sports programs. We talk wings, hula pie, finding a masculine jacket that fits and much more. Learn more about Jeff's work at the Institute For Sport & Social Justice.


Ep 016 - Gas, Food and Hospitality - Nadeen Ibrahim advocates for Muslim Americans in Colorado, especially resettled refugees. She can also hold her own discussing food with Chef Clarke. They talk about connecting with other people through travel, the difference between dolmades and waraq dawali, and what it’s like when 300 people (not all of them invited) show up at your graduation party.


Ep 015 - Lettuce Entertain You - Jazzy Byner is a model and a member of the award winning LA-based digital comedy collective, Nightpantz. She and Chef Clarke giggle, share their appreciation for Hedwig and the Angry Inch, discuss "adulting", and talk about food likes and dislikes.


Ep 014 - The Compassionate Edge - Chef Clarke sits down with Akindele Bankole, the German-born Jewish-Nigerian opera-singing owner of the vegan restaurant Veg on the Edge. They talk about hard work, compassion, and a shared fondness for baked goods. 


Ep 013 - Vote Cake! - It's always fun to catch up with people you knew when they were young and see where they are in life. Emma Donahue is a bright up-and-coming light in Colorado politics, and a delight to talk to. We throw her catering mom under the bus and discuss voter registration, gingerbread houses and gelato.


Ep 012 - Rockin' and Cinnamon Rollin' - When cooking school comrades Chef Clarke and John Taussig talk food and restaurants, everyone gets hungry. The Grateful Dead, real Mexican food (mole!), Boulder's best restaurants and cuban cigars are all on the menu.


Ep 011 - Bread and Family Circus - Chef Clarke often daydreams about the rustic breads that Heather Covington bakes in her hometown of Gilbertsville, NY. They talk about baking, triplets, chickens and running Heather’s Artisan Breads and Craft Candy


Ep 010 - Big Naturals and Beyond - Executive Producer Curtis Endicott thought interviewing Chef Chris Clarke would give you, the listeners, insight into the why’s and wherefores of our Something About Food? Podcast. Thanks for listening!


Ep 009 - An Artist's Palate - Chef Chris and artist Chris Huang discover their shared love for Chinatowns, the influence of art in daily life, and sesame balls. Check out Huang's work at Yellow Lotus Designs


Ep 008 - From Improv to Idli - Chef Clarke and Dr. Meenakshi Singh discuss improv, the easiest way to cook idli, South vs North Indian cuisine, the sweetness of Indian desserts and much more.


Ep 007 - Family Food - Family food tales abound as Chef Clarke and her younger brother Aaron Clarke get gabbing. You’ll be giggling and hungry, as the Clarkes almost always are.


Ep 006 - Tall Tales - Madrid hostel buddy James Johnson and Chef Clarke get real about travel, food, and how you can’t outrun depression, even at the top of Machu Picchu.  


Ep 005 - A Theatrical Dish - There are lot’s of stories of making his way on Broadway and a wee bit of name dropping as actor Jonathan Dokuchitz talks to Chef Clarke about pierogi in NYC and having pizza delivered to your house when you live in a tiny village. 


Ep 004 - Run to the Table - Chef Clarke has a bit of a gal crush on Chef Kelly Newlon. She’s got a thriving business she and her husband started up on their own terms, she’s an ultra runner, and she loves Great Chef’s of the World. What is not to love?  She and Chef Clarke got to talking about running, food, and lots more.


Ep 003 - The Durian Effect - New friend Putri Martosudarmo gets Chef Clarke laughing as they share their love for all things Dim Sum. Durian, chicken feet and apple pie are all on the table!

Ep 002 - Funny Thing About Food - Old buddy and improv director Eric Farone from The Bovine Metropolis Theater gets to chatting with Chef Chris about out of the way food, tasting as you cook and how to correctly eat an Italian Beef sandwich.


Ep 001 - The Avocado and The Omega - Chef Chris Clarke sits down with branding guru Olivia Omega and discusses growing up vegetarian, cooking when you don’t really like it, feeding kids, and how pizza is an important food category.